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Our four tanks
yellow shrimp tank 8.24.13
Sherlock 8.24.13
flame moss
ev4 8.24.13
bv tank 8.24.13
10g 8.24.13
jar2 3.31
Sherlock's 2.5 gallon 3/31/13
10 gallon 3/31/13
Evolve4 3/31/13
Sherlock 3.1.13
2.5 gallon Plants: anubias nana, pennywort, frogbit, dwarf water lettuce, marimo ball.
Evolve4 2.23.13
chainsword pellia anubias
anubias petite, watersprite
10gallon day1 3.1 Our newest... a 10 gallon. Set up 3.1.13. Plants: cryptocoryne undulata, cryptocoryne spiralis, anubias petite, bacopa caroliniana,...
2.5 gallon Plants: pennywort, chain sword, marimo ball, frogbit and dwarf water lettuce.
2.5gallon downton Downton's new home.
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