The Planted Tank Forum - Myrr's Album: My Splendens
My Splendens
Baller again. He got ratty from re-occurring fin rot (resistant), hence his messy fins. He was so sweet and so lovely!
Little, another of my boyfriend's. He died from a tumor (the breeder of course never mentioned, argh!) but changed dramatically over time. He...
Finneas ("Puppy"), my boyfriend's mustard gas dragon PK. Most docile fish I've ever known; I love him to bits.
Cheddar ("Ched"), yellow VT I found a petshop on my birthday. He couldn't open his mouth and had a chunk of gravel lodged in his throat and couldn't...
Mister again ;)
Macceroni, a pink dal VT who was too neurotic to live well in my 5g. Sweet fellow, though!!
Allejandro ("Alle"), my first. He was an orange dalmatian VT, and quite a jerk.
Svedka, at first and towards the later part of his life. He was a cool dude. Delta marble.
Nemiroff ("Nemi"), my newest. She was in awful shape after some heinous Wallyworld abuse, but has recovered splendidly. She's a blue dalmatian...
Lady, the docile cambodian CT.
Mister, the mean 'ol salamander hmpk.
Balthier ("Baller"), my favorite fish: multicolor HMDBT. Miss this guy!
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