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2.3g Nano (taken down fall 2014)
Deep Blue betta tank (sans dividers)

Substrate: sand (mixed natural/black)
Hardscape: sandblasted manzanita branches mounted on lava rock

Black Bar Endlers (male only)
Snails: rams horn
Shrimp: TBD

Flora: *subject to change
anubia nana petite
mini bolbitis
crypt. parva
crypt. (var unknown--poss lucens?)
baby tears
marsilea quadrifolia
frog bit
xmas moss

Lighting/Filtering: TBD, but will remain low tech.

Note: This set-up went thru a number of changes, none entirely satisfactory before being broken down and the contents redistributed to other tanks.
4/16 view into kitchen
4/16 view from kitchen, fresh re-scape
2/16/13 FTS
2/16/13 "back" view
2/16/13  fully planted
2/15/13  Night shot. Plants starting to go in: anubia nana petite, mini bolbitis, baby tears.
2/12/13 Testing hardscape placement. Substrate is mix of natural and black sand.
2/11/13 sand blasted manzanita branches mounted to lava rock base, horizontal piece is 8", veritical is 9"
2/7/13 initial leak test
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