The Planted Tank Forum - le0p's Album: 40b
Filter: Fluval 206, in-line DIY bio-filter, hydro sponge V,soon to be two of these, run by power heads.
Flow: two Maxijet 1200's, Koralia Nano 240.
Lights: Marineland Reef Capable 24" suspended
Flora: Mix of stems, some crypts
Fauna: 3- African clawed frogs, 1- 4" Oranda goldfish
Removed a ton of plant mass, leaving crypts, dwarf sag, and java ferns
Some frogs taking a breather.
Added some driftwood, need to rescape once the wood fully sinks, it's currently held down with rocks.
New FTS, moved some plants around, added leaf litter for the  surinam toad.
Full tank shot in panoramic
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