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LFS All Oddball Aquatics, Pgh PA

if you're in the the Pittsburgh area check out All Oddball Aquatics. He specializes in cories, cichlids and dwarf cichlids but has expanded the "brick and mortar" store so it's open 7 days a week and also stocks the "usual" fish as well - neons, rainbows, rasboras, etc. and some equipment stock.

More importantly, he's started up a planted section as well, even has some E. stellata from time to time I've gotten some riccia from him as well although I don't know if this is a usual stock.

Eric is the owner operator, and Tim is his buddy that is into planted tanks. Both are great guys and helpful.

He's located a few minutes South east of the South Side, so you can pick up a Primanti's and a beer on the way then drop by!

By far my favorite place in the Pittsburgh/ East of Pittsburgh area to "window shop".
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