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Originally Posted by Regloh View Post
Oh, good point...

When you do your reseach, also consider the life of the bulb when you cycle it on and off... These kind of bulbs take a bit of a hit everytime you turn them on...

That is definitely something to research. I feel like the general consensus has been that it's better to turn it off than leave it on all the time, again to preserve bulb life.

But, I know that light bulbs, as with pretty much all electrical devices, do take a hit like you said when cycled on and off. UV bulbs are freakin' expensive, so I definitely want to prolong bulb life.

I wonder which is worse.

Anybody have any thoughts?

Originally Posted by epond83 View Post
Also something to consider is that if you want the UV to kill Parasites to need about 1/3 of the flow that it takes to kill Bacteria and Algae.

That is a good point. Moving the UV over to a single 2028 may be the way I go after all.

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