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I was able to get the bulk of the parts from 2 sources: Midwest Supplies and Clippard. One annoyance about Clippard is they charge you a $10 “handling” fee so it may make sense to go through a local distributor if there is one nearby. Also, if you need a power supply for the solenoid and / or connectors you may also have to make a trip to Radio Shack (I had some stuff lying around that I could scavenge).

Parts list:
  • Regulator: Leland NR24. Source: Midwest Supplies (Williams Brewing is a bit cheaper but since I live in CA I get hit with sales tax)
  • Solenoid: Clippard Mouse. Source: Clippard, part no EV-2-6. Select the "normally closed", "2-way valve", and "buna seals" options
  • 1/8 NPT male to 10-32 female adapter. Source: Clippard, part no 2CPF
  • 10-32 male to 10-32 male extension. Source: Clippard, part no. 11999-PKG
  • 10-32 male to 1/8” hose barb. Source: Clippard, part no CT4-pkg
  • ADA System 74 Cap Stand. Source: ADG Shop or AFA
  • 6-9V transformer / wall wart. Source: I pulled one off an old cordless telephone. Note the solenoid referenced above can be configured with a 6V, 12V or 24V transformer so see what you have in your garage before you order. The Clippard site shows the voltage ranges that will work with each configuration of the mouse.
  • Quick disconnect plug for solenoid wiring. Source: I used some old RC car power connectors (Dean’s plugs) I had lying around
Optional parts:
  • Clippard needle valve. Source: Clippard, part no. MNV-4K
  • Clippard check valve. Source: Clippard, part no. MCV-1
  • Wrenches (I used sockets but one could probably get by with a small adjustable wrench)
  • Soldering iron / solder / heat shrink
  • Joint compound
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