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Hi Triv,

Mine will be slow-going. I'll probably be looking for new hardware for the return from the sump as before we just had plastic tubing. Probably an upgrade on my pump. I'll be needing new lighting as right now I have a shop light that holds 3 40watt T8's or T12's, I'm not sure which. And I'll need substrate and plants, of course! But we're expecting a baby in July and even if I can get a bunch of this stuff in trade, we'll have to shell out some cash for a good deal of it. I'm going for low-tech. I like crypts, anubias and swords and I'm thinking about going with MTS for substrate, but I haven't worked out how much it costs or what is involved for prepping it yourself.

There's still a lot of research for me to do. My husband is pretty handy but it comes down to him having the time to help me with some of it. I'm glad to know there's another hobbyist in the area. It would be fantastic if we can work out trades in the future!

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