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AlexXx's First Planted Nano Tank!

Hello all! Most of you do not know me because I have not been posting for too long now, although I have been lurking this amazing forum for some time. I am fairly new to planted tanks. I have been keeping fish, primarily betta fish since last summer. I have a 10 gallon I have finally finished clearing out the fake silk plants of. It’s doing great. I just wish I could get more light in it, the hood says max 15watt bulbs. Oh well. Enough background and on to my very first planted tank journal. I think I will need lots of input, I do not know TOO much, but I am a little learned thus far…Hopefully. Here we go.

2.5 Gallon Standard Rectangular Aqueon.


CO2 :
Soon to be DIY mixture, hopefully.

Azoo Palm Filter


Tetra Submersible Heater, Up to 10 Gallons

Some rocks I got for cheap at a store.
All of my plants are thanks to Indignation. This guy has been the most helpful person ever during planning my real first planted tank. He’s been kind enough to send me some starter plants! Thank you again Indignation.
This is a plant list to best of my knowledge:
Hemianthus callichtroides (HC)
Blyxa Japonica
Weeping Moss
Fissidens Moss
Bolbitis Fern
Rotala sp. Mini type 2
Cladophora aegagropila

I have not decided on Shrimp or a Betta. I love Betta, but since being on this forum I have grown to LOVE shrimp. I do not have a great selection where I live, but I found a Cherry Shrimp farmer so I am going to pick some up from him. When would you think I could add some of them safely, I don’t want them to die.

January 29, 2010

I will try to update weekly. Please let me know what you think, and when you think i could add some shrimp! Also how long should i be leaving the light on per day?
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