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Originally Posted by timme278 View Post
i dont get it, why would it cost more in the summer? surely itll be less than winter as the heaters wont be needed as much?

but blimyyyyy, thats still alot of $$$
Two things:

1)I forgot to mention, my rates in the summer about double at $.0787 per kwh. That's the highest tier, over 1000kwh per month. I'm didn't feel like pulling out my bill, so I'm not sure if I make it to that tier(or if I will with this tank). And that's Georgia, with some of the lowest power rates in the country

Check out your aquariums, you'll probably be surprised at the energy cost. Diana pointed out in another thread specifically about this that it seems like a decent estimate is that tanks will cost about $1 per gallon per year in energy cost, but that of course depends on your specific price per kwh and equipment used.

2)If you keep your house at approximately the same temperature year around, the amount of energy it takes to keep your tank warm will remain fairly constant. However, in my case, that probably won't quite the case. This tank is in my basement, which isn't heated as well as the rest of the house(not yet at least), so the heaters will have to work more.
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