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itrack4u, I might try cycling half of my water into a 5 gallon bucket, then starting a distilled water drip overnight to slowly lower your pH. You can creat a drip by tying a knot in an air hose and starting a siphon. Place the gallon jug or bucket of distilled water(equal to the amount you removed) above the tanks water level and let gravity work overnight. Slow means 1-2 drops per second. Do this so the fish can acclimate to the new water conditions. If your tap water is 8.25ish, distilled water should be 7, realistically you could get it down to 7.65 with 50/50 mix. When are you testing your pH. The time of day or night will effect the pH slightly but certainly not 1.25 degrees. You should get a water report from your water company. They may be semi-annually cleaning the system with chemicals. If your tap water is 8.25 out of the faucet, you might consider 50/50 tap/distilled mixes when topping off. Also IMHO, I would never change 40% of my established water in a 5 gallon tank unless something bad happened like over fertilizing, or something like that. Just remember that if you can get the pH down with distilled water, you can get it down further by doing the same process again after you get it down to 7.65. doing another 50% change would bring it down to 7.325. Be careful though, distilled water is pure and does not contain the trace minerals and elements we see in tap water. These elements are vital to support life! Get yourself some easy fert, and take the guesswork out of the equation. Just remember that we chose this hobby because its relaxing and fun. Just go with the flow, and don't expect to see results instantly. Overnight or 24 usually works for results. Also i only use 'aqua-safe' tetra brand tap water conditioner, stress-coat is worthless.
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