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Hi, new to the Planted Tank!

9 gallon, 2wpg 12000k PC lighting, customized low-flow internal filter

3 inches pool filter sand amended with about 2%-5% by volume compost-based potting soil, and several small, dead, buried fish (great fertilizer!)

pennywort, eurasian milfoil, parrotfeather milfoil, variable leaf water hyacinth, dwarf hairgrass, cabomba caroliniana, java moss, duckweed

ottos, dwarf corydoras, kuhli loaches, flame rasboras, one german blue ram

glass shrimp, malaysian trumpet snails, california blackworms, true planaria, gutless planaria

I purposefully introduced planaria, shrimp, and snails to help break down the mulm so it could sift down into the sand and decay there. Cali blackworms help aerate(?) the sand, as do the mts. I haven't vacuumed this tank in two years! And the even the water hyacinth (eichornia diversifolia), which is rated very difficult and needing rich fertile substrate and high light, grows like mad.

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