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I'm happy to report that the cloudy water went away. I ran my diatom filter for an hour 2 days in a row, then did a big water change last weekend. So far the water has stayed crystal clear.
I'm still trying to get the eels to at least take live blackworms from my long tweezers. Skinny (the skinny one, cheesy I know) is getting brave and stays in sight as I come in with worms. He hasn't tried to take them from me, but he does patiently wait for me to drop them real close to his head. Big Worm is still a little skiddish and takes off into the safety of the cave if I get too close.

The haze is from the lights, not cloudy water-

A few of the cleaning crew. The otos swim in groups in this tank. I've never seen this in my other tanks, but I guess there aren't any real threats in the other tanks.

Another shot of the upper shelf. I wish I could get a good pic from above the tank but the light reflections always ruin the shot.

I was trying to get some pics last night to show how much the eels have grown. Skinny was an easy target, he's always swimming in the open.

Big Worm was not. You can sort of see his head in this pic.
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