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60-P : 722 Long Road Crossing

This tank will not have water in it until at least 4-1-2010, my dealership is changing locations due to Saturn going out of business and a 2 year old 4 million dollar facility not being used!!!. So unlike all of my other tanks where I purchase stuff and just throw it together I will have a bit of time to discuss and plan what I want to do. I am looking for as much advice or ideas as possible so let em rip.

I currently have my Mini-M and wanted to upgrade. That tank will (after the move) be in my sales managers office as a low tech tank.

So here is the breakdown. I will highlight in a different color the items I have not bought and am still deciding on, these are the top choices or the couple im debating.

Tank- ADA 60-P

Filter- Eheim 2215 or 2217

Light- Fishneedit 70w HQI Metal Halide

Substrate- ADA AS Ammazonia Regular/Powder


Fauna- CRS/CBS (might stay in the mini m) Some small fish...

I will have to check again when I go to the new office to snoop and choose my actual office location but I believe that there will be a spot I can keep the tank and equipment. If not I will just have to build one. Its not like I don't have enough time.

I really want to get some manzanita and do a tree with fissidens. I think that would be gorgeous in the contemporary office. Other then that I have no ideas really/
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