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My 55 low tech

55 gal with a 10gal sump, home made stand, fluorite substrate.I've had it running for a few years now. Pretty much low maintenance, water changes around once a month, i dose one or two cap fulls of flourish a week. Plants: java fern and anubas, i just tossed a huge clump of java moss.Occupants are 8 bronze corys a huge clown angel, and 2 red marble plecs.
how bout that $ 5.00 clump of java moss i just picked up from the lfs. it didn't have a price on it so i asked the girl "how much for that"? she says i dunno lemme check she come back and says $5.00 i said OK hehehehhe ! SCORE ! now what do you think i should do with it ?

thanks for looking. Real nice tanks everyone !

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