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Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
I would still contend that getting rid of the hood or canopy would make it look even better, but that's your choice.

The Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0 fixture is a yet to be released product. My take on this is that I don't care how good or fantastic the claims are, I have no desire to purchase the product until it's been on the market awhile, about 6 months. New products have a way of being 30 days away from release for many months or even years. New products may have serious issues that need to be resolved. Wait and see, or get something available now. I will say that about 99% of the time, the "latest and greatest" product is better but not by that much.

As for getting away with 2 fixtures verses 4. No matter how bright the light is, your asking a lot of it to span width of 60cm (23.5 inches) with one fixture. You may get ok light on the bottom, but at the top, front and back will tend to look very dark. To some extent, this is a matter of personal preference and budget. Personally I can't stand these dark areas. You could however, try things with 2 fixtures and see how you like it. It's easy enough to add more later.
Fortunately the hood slides right off so i do have the option to experiment with both with and without.

It looks like the Fluval was released recently since there is immediate availability in most sites I have looked at. Looks like a great light but as you said, it has not been on the market too long so is a risk. Still, it does include a 3 year warranty which is more that most. With the aquarium, I will get £300 to spend on Fluval products (a current promotion they are doing). I will likely use this to get 2 of these lights since they will be free and use them with my existing lights until i can afford another pair. Ultimately though I agree that 4 strips will be necessary to avoid dark spots and ensure that plenty of light reaches the bottom. If it is too much light, not a problem since this model can be dimmed.

Originally Posted by justin-branam View Post
You sound like you are in the same situation I am. I just did a review about my upgraded light on my 220 gallon tank. Might give you something to think about.

Review: SnakeEyes Quad LED 6500K 30" lights with Timers (VERY similar to Beamswork)
Thanks for the link. Great review! It looks super bright compared to the 24/7. How are your plants finding it? Are you seeing much pearling and growth at substrate level?
It is very wide, but i wonder if you would get more spread with 2 x thinner strips placed near front and back.
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