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Originally Posted by Chadmanfoo View Post
Hi All

I am looking to upgrade my 3' to a 6' but am struggling to find LED lights to fit this length.

I am currently running a Finnex 24/7 and a Cheaper White/Blue LED strip, and am injecting pressurized Co2 on my 3' and get pretty good growth on everything except the dwarf grass carpet.

I would ideally like lighting which would fit a 6' length and would reach a depth of 24" to grow, at the very least, dwarf hair grass (although a setup that could grow HC would be preferable).

Is LED still the best option for a tank of this size? I am open to the idea of Metal Halide if this would be a better idea, but having a closed, raised, oak hood, ventilation could be an issue unless i install fans to blow the heat out the open back.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to get everything priced up before I pull the trigger and would like to get everything right on the first try to save pointless expense.
I'm also trying to light a 72" tank, and I'm going to be going with 2 "Standard Doubles" from I've been watching his youtube channel for years, and he really knows his stuff. He also offers the "Blaster Series", which was designed for depths up to 30". I don't have the lights yet, but will be getting them when I set up my 120G in the spring.

Lights ? Dustin?s Fishtanks
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