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First of all, hi everyone. I've been reading bits and pieces on this forum for a while now and yesterday I brought my own 13 gallon tank home.

It's a used tank, and I bought it fully equiped, fully filled and with livestock. In the tank live about 15 different shrimp, 5 helena snails and 3 undefined algea eaters. it's a dennerle tank with a HOB filter, a heater and a LED light. It's filled with black gravel, and some little hiding tubes.

And plants! it has loads and loads of similar sized plants. there is no big or small, just loads of plants. some have been exposed during transit and are now floating round. Also there seems to be quite a lot of debris in the gravel now all shaken up by the moving.

I would like to make a nice aquascape with a rock or some wood in the background, and plants of various height, but i don't know where to start.

1. is the setup itself sufficient, and how do I check?
2. is it worth keeping the plants or at least some of it or do I start over?
3. do I need to treat the water with anything in particular after moving? I took about 4/5th of the water with me.
4. do I clean the gravel, and if yes, how?

pictures in the next posts. Thanks in advance for helping yet another newbie out.

There are also some algae growing on several leaves.

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