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Originally Posted by Robert Marsch View Post
My tank wont be able to support the bio load of a pleco, and I cant find otos around here. Would shrimp fix it up? Also, some say not enough light is the cause, some say too much is the cause. Which is it?

An excess amount of waste could also contribute to algae growth. Do you dose your tank with co2 at all? I had a huge algae bloom and I bought some flourish excel organic carbon. Turn off the filter and water flow when you dose, then turn it back on about 10minutes later. It got rid of the algae very quickly. But it will not treat the underlying problem. You can find it on Amazon.

I don't know much about shrimp, but I do know that shrimp are sensitive to water. You'd also need a few shrimp (depending on size) which would produce waste as well. I'd honestly suggest trying to find a bristlenose pleco, if you really want to have some help with getting rid of the algae.

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