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The bulb is a straight tube, 15 watts, I did change it to a GE sunshine bulb that I got at Home Depot, not much brighter, but at least it is not purple. I'm still not happy as the thing buzzes slightly -- cheap ballast? Guess that $4 I saved at Walmart came back to haunt me.

I have a Whisper mini (5 - 10?) on a barebottom goldfish tank that I could swap for use on this tank.

Do you really think that any stem plants will do OK in this low light? Did I mention that I have hard water?

KH ~7, pH 8.0.

I'd love a blobitis but am afraid it would be very unhappy and I'm concerned about fish, too. I'd love the tetras but the water?!

I have elodia densa, from the pond, and water lillies that have some underwater leaves that are pretty, are they the same as what is sold for aquariums?

I'm confused about what I just read about elodia affecting ph when co2 is low, does it make the water harder or softer if CO2 is low?
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