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The thin brownish algae just looks like diatoms. Oto's will make short work of it, as JJ09 said. I can't tell for sure but it looks like there are some thick fluffy brown algae patches on the plants, which look like rhizoclonium. I dealt with an outbreak for about 3 weeks on my tank after my co2 regulator sprung a leak and I had to take a few days to fix it. That was long enough for that stuff to take over everything. It seems to pop up most when something isn't balanced - too much/too little light, fluctuating co2, nutrients too low, not enough flow in the tank, etc. Direct applications of hydrogen peroxide will kill it, as will just manually removing, but you need to find what is out of balance and fix it for long term results. But that's basically the rule for all algae outbreaks.
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