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My 120 thats been running about 7-8 weeks.
4 T-5 HO's 2 for 9 hrs and all 4 for 5 hrs about 8-9 inches above the water
Filtration is 1 Fluval 304 and 1 SunSun 302
2 PH's at 170 GPH each
Substrate is a mix of Eco, Flourite and Oil Dry
Dosing Flourish once a week

Amazon Sword
Dwarf Sags
Jungle Val
Java Moss
Micro sword as I bought it as (L. brasilensis)
and some Duck Weed floating around in there

Fish, I will be thinning them out
8 Julii Cories
8 Otos
8 LF Albino Bristlenose Plecos
Mated Pair Double Red Apistos
24 Cardinals
19 Pearl Scale Blue Platinum Angels

120 Gallon Planted tank with Angels, Cardinals, Julii Cories, LF Albino Bristlenose Plecos and a mated pair of Double Red Cockatoo Apistos
SunSun Pimp #5
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