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New to planted tanks and my tank looks terrible!

Hi, im new to both planted tanks and to this forum. Ive had this tank running for 2 months now. At first when i stocked the plants and fish, everything seemed awesome. Now, however, although the plants are growing, the entire tank is coated in brown algae. It looks terrible. People see my tank and all they notice is how "dirty" it looks because of the algae despite the hours I put into my tank. My tank is the following setup:
15 gallon tank
a layer of roundish planted tank substrate from japan (unsure of what exactly it was)
black gravel
crushed coral (a mistake I have to live with)
The plants were sold to unknown species. Only ones I know are The java moss and rotala rotunda. I have three stem plants with kind of long knife blade shaped leaves, and 2 stem plants with kind of crinkly looking leaves that remind me of dandelion (my lfs is terrible, no one has any idea what the plants were)
I have a 24 watt cfl light bulb on the tank. My filterage is a 240 gph diy powerhead biofilter, currently supplemented with a diy bottle filter that has carbon in an effort to get rid of the algae. My fish are 6 black skirt tetras and 6 corydoras. The powerhead is aimed up to create surface agitation. I really need advice and help on what to do. The brown algae is really killing my planted tank experience... The plants seem to be growing fine but the algae is completely taknig over. I dont know what to do! Should I start over and get a larger tank and make it dirted and get a pleco? I dont know what to do

Bump: heres pics:
The first pic is last month, the others are now.
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