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29 gals, set up for 7 years now. Had various changes over time, this is it's current setup:

One single 25 watt light,

Cheap basic pond soil capped with 2 inches of plain aquarium sand,

Planted with various Echinodorus, Aponogentons, some small crypts, and a few stem plants like Cabomba and Elodia, plus a massive moss ball.

Mixed community of a few odds and ends my horrible brother didn't want in his tank anymore and was going to flush down the toilet!!! , so I had them where they can live out their lives. Gold barbs, a gourami, couple of loaches and a few shrimp.

50 % water changes once a week every week.

12 gals

One single 15 watt light

Gravel and sand mix from the old tank plus mulm that was in there, topped with black gravel.

Planted with some small swords, a few baby echinodorus from the plants in the main tank, some Riccia ,moss balls cabomba, hairgrass, crypts and a big pile of java moss on bogwood that I grew in the main tank before moving to this one.

Inhabitant is a single male Plakat betta.

50% water changes once a week every week.

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