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Rballi's 280 gallon Altum Angelfish Tank Biotope

Not much to show for this yet but I have ordered pretty much everything other than than the driftwood.

-Custom 240 gallon acrylic tank (96x24x24) with coast to coast overflow running and bean animal system. Fluid designs, LLC out of surprise, az
-75 gallon sump, going with the K2 media for a fluidized filter on the main section.
-Ecotech Vectra L1 return pump
-2 48" Planted+ SE (when they become available)
-Custom stand that will be finished with 265 year old Douglas fir that my father in law harvested and cut with his mill.
NO CO2 on this tank (maybe later?)
-finnex 800 watt thermostat and titanium heater

-TONS of helianthum tenellus
-vallisnaria spirals, sparingly (at first I guess)
-maybe some hydrocotyl

-12 F2 Rio Orinoco Altum Angelfish, Simon forkel bred, ordered through AngelfishUSA
-large group of apistogramma iniridae
-maybe some species of geophagus

Hardscape will be a back wall packed with manzy, not sure where to order that yet. And pool filter sand most likely.

picture of daddy (picture taken from AngelfishUSA's website).

stand in progress, no Douglas fir yet

We moved across state lines so I was pretty bummed out about breaking everything down and starting over.
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