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Lara's 50 gallon "Valse"----oops: updated wrong thread.

This tank is labeled as 50 gallons, but in reality, it's about 47 gallons. This is the same tank as my previous "Amazonfish's 47 gallon low tech". Except's going high tech now

Here are the planned tank specifications:

47 gallons, 48x12.5x18.5

3x54 watts T5HO (Catalina fixture)--I'm using two of the bulbs

10lb cylinder
Sumo regulator, swagelok needle valve
diffusion method: mini elite underwater filter
bubble rate: according to the mini elite, about 4 bps. According to the glass bubble counter, about 10 bps. Who's right?

sand. It's working quite well

Root tabs
EI dosing

I'll update this category later :-)

3 otos (should get more)

1. Take a look at the pic of my CO2 supplies. Aside from a diffusion method and drop checker, am I missing anything?

No pics of the tank yet, but here's my CO2 stuff:

sorry about that 2nd pic--I didn't realize how blurry it came out.

Thanks for looking!

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