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Originally Posted by lauraleellbp View Post
I hear where you're coming from, but, in truth, it's just about impossible to do that. There are just about an infinite # of factors that play in...

IE- Some plants will grow in "low light" as long as they're CLOSE to the light. Some plants will grow in low light if they're being supplied CO2 and/or ferts. Some will do OK if they've got a good substrate or root tabs, others don't need that. Some plants do better in hard vs. soft water. Some plants just won't grow in certain tanks no matter what you do...

No matter what I've tried, I can't get Ludwigia to grow for me. Several other friends who live fairly close by have no problems whatsoever, even in practically identical setups...

My 2 cents- start your own thread detailing your tank specs and ask for some recommendations.
+1 on the whole thing.

Another example is that I still have trouble growing Java ferns which are supposedly "truly" low light plants, however, sunset hygro which some people will argue is more of an "adaptable-to-low-light" plant won't STOP growing for me AND turns bright pink even in my measley 17w T8 fluorescent lighting over 30gs of tank.

So as LauraLee suggested, I recommend starting a journal about your tank and see what you come up with for suggestions.

To be honest, I would prepare yourself for trial and error. You're dealing with live plants and a mini-ecosystem of sorts, you'll more than likely end up needing to swap a few things out or move things around. Learning which plants will or won't work in YOUR specific tank is just part of the learning process that we all have to go through.

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