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I just read this whole thread for the first time. Very relevant to me, since I am about to set up a 75 gal low-tech (med light) tank, and want to pick the right plants the first time around. I am most interested in the debate about what plants are really low-light, and which merely survive. If someone (anyone!) has the time and expertise, it would be fantiastically helpful to someone new like me to see the list compiled here broken into two sections (or two designations), one for "true" low-light plants that prefer and are fully suited to low-light, and the other for "adapted" low-light plants that may survive and grow slowly in low light but probably prefer and are better suited to higher light. Having these two categories might satisfy many aquarists, who want a wide selection to choose from, and also the purists, who caution against being overly optimistic. Just a thought.
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