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Alas, all good things will come to an end. Several people have warned me before in the beginning about the riccia rotting on the underside of the netting but I thought that trimming would have helped it. After about a month and a half of trim maintenance, nothing really did help slow down the rotting. so i decided to do a tear down of the foreground plant. it was easy though, just pull the stuff up and it's done. good thing i've been selling the riccia, because i had alot and would have felt rather guilty to have just thrown away all that good stuff. saved 2 rocks and replanted it with some riccia for a small adornment rather than before. all the rotted matter basically went around the whole tank and settled, figured that it'll come in handy anyways so good for the tank. I bought some glossostigma but it was kind of dead on one side rather just a small portion of it, but i hope that i can nurse it back to health. will be planning to distribute the glosso once it's ready to be split up. but man, a good 6 months messing around with riccia, it was a good thing lol.
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