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Originally Posted by Buck
Well I had to tear out the native "grasslike" plants that were doing so well... they grew like heck and then just withered away... then at the bases it started all over again. Its like it peaks then dies off... threw it all out.
Well, that sounds to me like they were actually marginal plants, not true submerged plants. In other words, they just like their feet wet, not the foliage. You prolly already knew that, or came to the same conclusion.

The rush-type ones still look interesting to me, going to try to find some of those around here, see what they do as a marginal in my pond. When it warms up a bit more, and I have all my spring yard/pond preparations done, I'm going to do some serious search for native species, esp. for my pond. Going to go as native as possible, really sick of plants i have to overwinter in the house.

90 gallon, flourite, HP Co2, jobes sticks, Leaf Zone. 440 watts VHO lighting, home built canopy.
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