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ok talking with O2Surplus on the driver/controller end to see what he has avail that might fit my needs.

just a random thought I had if I go the full blow sunrise/sunset option it might be nice ot have some warm light on another channel.

lets say I go back to the idea of 2 sets of lights 1 5600k 1 2700k split apart 30 inches, giving each about 30 inches to cover, prolly actually would want to cover a bit more to make sure plants that will be growing above the tank a foot or 2 above get full coverage. so 90 degree reflectors 2 ft above the tank should give about a 38inch spread. the leds would then be in a 3 sided box that would block light spill outside the tank to the front and sides of the tank, this box would either be painted white on the inside or lined with say foil for reflectivity to bounce the light to the plants behind the tank.

running the Vero 18 5600k at 1000ma and the vero 18 2700k say 50% would yield 90 watt across the array or around 10-11k lumens (I know lumens aren't the best measure) so i'm thinking enough light

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