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Originally Posted by Kampo View Post
awesome thanks for the info, gave me something to think about.

now i'm assuming i'd be better off getting a 48V powersupply and say a 3up board with some 1000ma drivers to drive it compared ot 3 seperate drivers that have AC input?
well it can turn into a wash...but the main difference usually comes down to dimming protocol.. Most "all in 1" do any one or all of the following : pot dim, 10v PWM or 0(1)-10V.
Few, if any, do 5V PWM.. so some of your choice depends on controller..
There are plenty of "conversion" boards (PWM-10v, ect.) out there but just adds to the expense..
48v is only needed for any future needs.. 36 is fine for any # of Vero18's and any # of drivers in parallel as long as you don't exceed amp draw capability..

Voltage adds in series.. amps add in parallel..
Again LDD-s require a voltage differential so add 3V to whatever the V(f) of your chip is..
Vero 29's and some Luminous devices COBs would require higher than 36V ps w/ LDD's..

LDD's are buck regulators. They will increase (to ps max) or decrease voltage till the amp draw is in line w/ their specification..
Getting larger than necessary voltage only adds a bit to waste..

CORRECTION: Some of the 5V PWM will do 10V PWM....

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