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Almost by definition, high CRI LED's will not render things washed out.
Most mix color temps for 1)sunrise/sunset effects and 2) supplement high photosynthetic red w/out toning the tank too warm.

Component choices are relatively easy as to the drive hardware (power supplies exceeding voltage needs of the LED's, LDD-h drivers, controller ect.)

50 degree lenses 2ft above the tank gives you a "cone" at the water line of 22".. requiring 3 to cover the 60" tank..

Now using a Kessil as a "baseline" since it is the best "COB" I can shouldn't have much a problem w/ getting PAR down there IF it is fairly close to equiv (fairly big claim but not out of the realm of possibility)


forcing the calculator to a 50 degree lens and at 42" (106cm approx) calc estimates PAR at 60-ish..w 34W of LED's..

Doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility..

DIY Bridgelux Vero 18 LED build
I took a preliminary PAR reading of one Vero 18 with the Brooke-W and at 1000ma and 2ft high I got 165 PAR. This was done open air. For reference my old 9x Rebel ES cannon with 6x 6500K, 1x cool blue, 1x red, and 1x hyper violet got 150 PAR at that same distance in the tank with 60deg optics. At 1000ma the Vero 18 is only running at 33% power as it can go up to 3000ma. My goal is 60 PAR @ 3ft from substrate.
5000k 90CRI.. driven at 1000mA 29.5V 3885 lumens..
(29.5W effective)
BXRC-50G4000-F-24 Bridgelux | Optoelectronics | DigiKey

$11.21 each.. Get 4 if you are in doubt..
36V power supply (150W) 4 LDD-h's @ 1000mA, optics, heat sinks and controller
40 or 60 degree..
LED reflector family OP07520-C1C - LUMOTRIX

And no, 2 is not enough for FULL coverage and that PAR..
Each pendant "unit" will probably run $40-$60 (chip,lens,driver,heat sink)..

LPF6768-ZHP Bridgelux Pin Fin LED Cooler 67mm
LED Heatsink R186-70 - heat sinks
NX501105 Aavid Thermalloy | Optoelectronics | DigiKey
$25 passive heat sink.. ..not cheap..
some choices...but not necessarily easy nor cheap-ish.

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