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Originally Posted by Indignation View Post
Store looks good, and prices are pretty low! Any plans to expand your stock in the near future? (read: crypt parva! please get the pots of crypt parva that others are selling from FAN!)
i am always working on getting new plants wood and inverts in. right now i am a little limited on space but that should change very soon. also once spring hits i will be trying out how best to keep many of these plants outside in larger bins. this goes hand in hand with some of my personal pet projects. since ill have more room to spawn some of these livebearers i been collecting such has Zoogoneticus tequila h formosa ameca splendens and any others i pick up in the mean time.
Originally Posted by carlstreeter View Post
I just had a look around. Definitely interesting. It would be nice if the special combo packs listed something about what types of plants might be included. Maybe a list of "may include but is not limited to"? For example, the low light package is interesting to me, but it's tough to tell what might be in it.
thats a great idea. thank you.
Originally Posted by ShortFin View Post
You can try to set the white balance to incandescent to make it less yellow.
i switched to a 50/50 bulb and it looks better for example i reshot the willow hygro and the yellow is gone.

In SoCali? Looking for fish plants equipment? want to learn something about the hobby?
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