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DIY LED Pendants brainstorming. Multichip? Vero18? help me!

so been researching lighting for a bit for my 120 Gallon 60x18x27 build i'm working on. its going to be setup as a anubias tank with a riparium above the tank. want to light both the tank and the ripirium with some hanging lights. original plan was getting a couple 30" beamswork 2 row 3watt lights building a box so light spill in front and behind the tank would be controlled and suspending it a couple feet above the tank. I was unsure how much light would make it to the bottom of 47 inches, tank is anubias only but still want solid growth so need 30-40 par at the substrate.

I have been seeing some multichip LED projects and they seem like something I might be able to accomplish, especially a VERO18 build which keeps my not so great soldering skills away from the lighty bits. would you guys think 2 VERO 18 5600k CRI90 chips with 50 degree reflectors hung 2ft above my tank would push enough light down to the substrate? also I really want to have it programmable with sunrise sunset, but i'm not seeing a easy but cheap method like the TC420/sunsetter option I was looking at with the beamswork option. any thoughts? open to ideas.
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