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Dude! I need to slope my substrate. Your tank has so much more beauty/depth than my 55! :grrrr: I love the camboba. Is that the furcata you mentioned? (or how ever it is spelled) I want some!

My tip for pearling? Change a lot of water and snap a picture. Fake pearling at it's finest! Seriously, only way to get a lot of pearling is to up the co2, better distribution and lots of lights. But then you have to worry about the algae woes with lots of lighting. A cheap way to get pearling in your tank is to buy some weeds. Seriously, my parrots feather, limnophilia sessiflora pearls more than my ludwigia and blyxa. I am not sure why that is. Probably something that makes it invasive in certain places.

I love your tank. Is it possible to get a full tank shot?

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