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Colleen wanted goldfish in this particular tank, a mix of fancy styles. We settled on 6 goldfish. (Don't freak out yet, still writing in journal!). At the time, I was unaware of the tank requirements for goldfish (roughly 20-30 gallons PER fish).

So I decided to get an aquaclear 70, which was higher rated then the tank size, so it should be plenty of filtration! Got some rocks from an aquarium store that looked cool, and a piece of fake driftwood, gravel, and white (ug) pebbles from petco.

Luckily at this time I had started to catch up on my research. I learned a bit about cycling a tank, media types, and tank setup. So I got some seachem prime, and seachem stability and starting using them per directions.

We then began adding goldfish in small increments. Our first two tank mates were two black moors.

I love black moors, they're the closest thing to hammerhead sharks you can buy .
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