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Well guys new update just got my new lights from Catalina Aquarium t5ho solar 4x54 called up and got them for $180 anyway. Got them 2 days ago and when i opened the box the right side where the switches were the plastic was cracked, Also the black mesh on the top of the light was all scrapped up and some1 tryed to cover it up with a black sharpie marker. And last but not least the plastic legs that they sent me looked like they were hit with a heat gun :/. Anyway called them up and on Monday they will send me out a new one.

Ok getting back to the journal Installed new surface skimmer, added 216watt t5ho solar lights, 4 ottos, 11 cardinal tetra. With this much light how many hours should I be leaving them on for at full 216watts and also the light is setting right on the tank with no legs so is that even higher watts going into the tank? I am still dosing kno3 1.5tsp, k2s04 1.5 tsp, kh2p04 pinch ever other day and also adding trace 3x a week and Iron. I am having problems with the blyxa japonica its kind of brown and don't see any new growth
also have some white things growing on my java moss sorry really couldn't get a good picture of it
Can't wait for the plants to grow so I can move things around here is a full tank shot Please give me feedback .

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