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Originally Posted by intermediate_noob View Post
Thank you very much for the review. I think a lot of the lower price items out there are great for some and not others because of quality control issues. Each item manufactured may or may not be the same as the next. One might work great, the other be a big piece of junk. All of that said, just having options for not spending 175 dollars on a canister is worth the price alone.

One question, anyone ever have to order replacement parts? That is the one thing about Eheim, they have a whole site dedicated to it. This is like buying and off brand car and then needed to get parts for it. All is great until you need a new seal or something. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
It looks like the JBJ and Marineland parts are interchangeable to some extent, so I would assume SunSUn are too. They are likely made int he same factory.

Further, I can't find a negative review of these items, only speculation of quality issues.
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