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Originally Posted by GulfCoastAquarian
Haven't tried the 404's, no. Although they do look MUCH improved, I don't think I'll be taking a chance on my next filter, though. It's most likely going to be an Eheim.
Well hey if I could afford it I would have Eheims on all my tanks :-) I wish there was local retailer that sold Eheim equipment, its just a royal PITA to get stuff shipped here (especially when you have no credit cards).

I actually use modified Aquaclears on all of my tanks except the 135 Gallon tank, and I need to seriously rethink my filtration system there. I feed my loaches a lot of meaty foods so the bioload is pretty heavy. I considering replacing my Fluval and Magnum with 3 Eheims (2 with integrated heaters, and a third for CO2 diffusion and left empty in case I need a carbon chamber for chemical filtration). It will cost quite a bit, but it should be worth it. I can then free up the Magnum for use as a gravel vac and for as-needed micron filtering.
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