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Thanks for all the positive comments!

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
That's looking great. The platies look good in there. Do you worry that the eels might eat them?
I'm not worried about the eels eating the adults. I put the platties in the tank for breeding purposes. The eels mainly eat live food, but it needs to be small (for now) so fish babies work very well and I don't have to constantly buy live food for them.

Originally Posted by dewalltheway View Post
Great job! You really did a nice job of placing the DW and plants and it looks so natural. Do you see the eels much or do they hid alot?
The eels stay hidden most of the time. They do come out in the early morning while we get ready for school when the house lights come on.

Originally Posted by trackhazard View Post
I would have gone with Big Perm!

Do you find your eel to be shy?

They're not too shy. The skinnier, darker one spends more time in the open. Big Worm stays in the cave a lot. Both are very active when the lights first come on. They swim around for about 30-45 mins before disappearing into the cave for the day. Here's a video I took of them swimming around.

Originally Posted by chonhzilla View Post
doesn't that eel burrow?
Yes, they burrow. I'm glad the plants had a chance to establish before I added the eels. Here's a quick pic.
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