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lol i know! My old HapAhlis picked and ate a pleco I had to death (4inches!) so I know thats a bad idea! lol! I was really kinda interested int he yellow shrimp, the Crystal reds(c/d grade...I like the transculent parts heh), blue tigers, and cherries...I guess I could throw some cherries in the 5 gallon I have currently, but Id kinda like to have some sort of live plant in there for them.

5 gallon: Marineland Hex 5
Lighting: AquaCulture 15w Aquarium Plant Growth Blub. (Incandescent = L.O.L)
Temp: I would predict around 76-82 (My thermometer is MIA, and my heater doesnt have presets)
Filtration: Typical Marineland Biowheel that was built for the tank.
Aeriation: Just a VERY old (10/15yr) air pump that I added cause the water looked "too calm"
2 Plastic plants
Fiji-Mixed gravel. Nothing special.
1 CTM Betta

I would kinda like to have 5 or so shrimp but Im hesitant due to the fact it is such a small tank and I do worry about bio-shock. Would a java fern or somthing do okay in those settings? Shrimp or not, I like plants ;3

**I highlight my general questions case I tend to ramble lol!
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