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Question Returning N00blet

I have been out of the fish hobby for ohh....6/7 years now. I used to have a 500 gal saltwater reef tank (yes I said 500, not 50) and a 90 Gallon Tall african Cichlid tank that was the headboard for my bed when I was a teenager (6/7 Years ago). Those tanks are now sittin in my parents shed, and since we moved back in with them, I have limited space.

My husband has finally agreed that we go look for a new aquarium on Friday and I will probably return home with a 20-30Gallon Aquarium. I want to try my hand at plants, but I also would like to have some fish as well. I used to breed Cichlids(like they were hard, right? LOL) and almost every live bearer known to mankind. The hardest thing I was successful with was a pair of yellow banded maroon clownfish that I had in my saltwater tank. I would like to try my hand at angelfish, but I have a feeling 30 gallons would just be too small for them. Id kinda like to be able to turn a couplea bucks while enjoying my fish, like I used to. Them having babies would just be a super plus. So any nice easily-bred community fish would be nice to know about! (Dont suggest a live bearer please, I dont really want them again lol!)

My green thumb hasnt always been shiney...I think the best plant I ever grew was typical standard anacharis. So I am kinda lookin for a hardy plant. Lighting will have to come later, like...probably around Springtime cause the T8 lamps I have in the shed are too big and I dont feel like mounting them to the ceiling in this room lol! That said, I dont know much about plant care and the stuff I DID know, I kinda forgot...especially freshwater-wise.

So I guess I'm just lookin for nice mesh-ideas. What would be a good mix of plants and fish for a 20-30 gallon tank? Because I just cant seem to make up my mind! 0_o I'd plan to have a few 'tester" fish in it in maybe a week or so and then just slowly and gradually adding a couple of things every 1-3 weeks. ANY suggestions are welcome! <3 Kitteh

New Questions:
What are some good substrate choices as far as low/medium light plants? I prefer to NOT use topsoil.
What is the hardiest brand of C02 injectors available for a decent price?
Would a Over-the-back power filter be alright, or should I dump some extra $$ into a canister?
I must admit I have never used a canister filter before, are they messy, hard to clean, and easy to fix?
What is the standard Plant Bulb being used nowadays? Can it be attained at a petco/smart?

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