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I've seen what you mean, Torpedobarb. My blyxa has all gradually melted and sprung back. Some bunches faster than others. I'm impatient though. Plants just don't seem to grow fast enough...

Anyway, over the last week or so, I feel like enough has happened to warrant a bit of an update:

Firstly, I finally got a filter. Rather, I finally got a filter that is appropriate for this size tank, as I had been running a little Whisper 10i on it in order to get at least a little water movement and all that. That was just upgraded to a Fluval 205. And I know Fluval gets a bad rap from time to time, but so far I like it well enough. Though it's been about a day. I put that off for quite a while, so it's nice to have it done.

Also, I got a black background, so that looks nice.

And I guess some pictures of growth (I like pictures):

I have a sneaking suspicion that this may not be marsilea minuta. A number of sprouts have more than one lobe, and it seems to be a little big for that species. I like it either way, though. Any opinions, if you can see through the blurriness?

If anybody noticed, I split up some of the blyxa, and spread it out. I also added a bit more Eco Complete to the little mound it's on to give it some more slope towards the back.

So, I think the tank is doing well. Algae is minimal, and the diatoms are in decline. The water looks a little green in the pictures, and it does with the lights on, but it's actually brown. I checked against a white cup. I suspect it's from the mud bottom, as it's been like that since setup. I did a roughly 40% water change, and that helped a great deal. I'll do another eventually. Plants are growing slowly, and all that.

That's it! Thanks for looking.

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