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Don't mean to sound so angry, but it just had such a ring to it - Freakin Fluval. I am so sick of my Fluval 403 canister. Aside from being a royal pain to prime and start, it quit on me last night. the impeller just stopped moving. I tore it down and cleaned the impeller and it is working again, but the flow is very weak. It had apparently been down for a few days since I've been noticing the onset of green water since this weekend. My CO2 reactor is inline with the Fluval so I had all those nutrients in the water and no CO2.
I've got UV running off of a powerhead right now. I'm going to put the CO2 reactor and UV unit on a seperate powerhead after this clears up. I don't think the Fluval is capable of pushing through a reactor. I could use the extra water movement anyway. The Fluval just barely causes a stir with the spray bar.

It's time to start shopping for a new can, though.

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