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Originally Posted by NJAquaBarren View Post
I'm thinking of a 60cm as a 2nd tank soon too. Look forward to watching our project develop.

Thanks! It's a really fun size. It's pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I had thought about the 60x45x45, but that would have been too big for what I was going for.

Originally Posted by Phil Edwards View Post

Do you have petite nana or do you need some?
My cup runneth over. Between the plants I got from you and those I had floating, the 60-P is gonna fill up fast. It just means I'm gonna have to get the 120g setup quicker.

Originally Posted by roybot73 View Post
I know everybody has strongly differing opinions on lighting (wpg, intensity, etc...), but 130 watts of pc will be more than enough lighting, and 150 watts of halide over an ~18 gallon tank that you want to feature "a lot of anubias nana 'petite' " is on the extreme end of overkill -- 8.3 wpg!!! You'd be walking a tightrope to avoid an algae filled cesspool

If you want intense light, a 70W halide will do the job nicely and if you want managable, even light a 2 (or 4 bulb for more flexibility, burst options) HO T5 system would be ideal.

Just my 2

Looking forward to seeing this running!

The PC lighting will be sitting ~3" over the tank, one bulb on for 8-10 hours,and the second on for a midday burst. If I switched to MH, I would raise it above the tank significantly. I've never been a fan of 70w MH. No matter what size tank, it just doesn't seem to be a significant amount of light.
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