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Equipment will be:

ADA 60-P
9L ADA AS II, initially, more if I decide I want it
Coralife 2x65 PC initially. I may bump this up to 150w MH later on.
Eheim 2236 for filtration
Coralife Turbo Twist UV 6x(it's what I had sitting around, uber overkill)
Hydor 300w inline heater (again, I had it sitting around, overkill)
Pressurized CO2
Milwaukee pH controller
DIY Inline pH probe and co2 injection.

I'm not sure what route I'm going with the scape, but I know it'll have a lot of anubias nana 'petite'.

Initial stocking will be:

2-4 Dario Rubra
4 Parotocinclis eppeliyi sp 'Peru'
Maybe a pair of Apistogramma Caucatoides 'Triple Red' (again, maybe. they are in a 15g
quarantine tank right now, and they may hang out there until the 120 get setup)

I plan on getting ~6 pygmy cories form Invertz Factory. Other than that, I'm keeping stocking ideas open.

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