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Originally Posted by Bad Kitty View Post
You are providing the equipment. It is between you and your teacher. But since it is a simple recommendation and could mold the tank and also teach so many students about the biology of whatever you decide to keep or whatever plants you decide to keep...I don't see how this is a loss since it is in your teacher's classroom. He might be actually able to teach the students biology, I.E pearling of plants, mating of shrimp, mating of fish, keeping of high light/low light plants in a contained experiment. Seriously the possibilities are endless and explainable to the board of education.
Verily my biology teacher will be using this as a teaching tool .

Originally Posted by Nordic View Post
Just a word of warning, the world is full of bellends, and school tanks are often the targets of vandals and angry people. There are strings of articles about it on practicalfishkeeping.
SO, I'm not saying don't do it, but keep it simple and not too expensive.
My school isn't very large and though there is always a risk, I am quite positive that no one will vandalize .

Originally Posted by Method View Post
Thank you for bringing a tank into your school! It's a great idea on so many levels.

Check with your schools science department chairperson about keeping a CO2 tank there. In Maryland it's hard to get permits to keep pressurized gas tanks. I'm not sure about Florida. For my higher light classroom tanks we use metricide.
I will make sure but I already have received an OK from my biology teacher, so it probably should be fine. Thanks!

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