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Originally Posted by Seattle_Aquarist View Post
At that age the bulbs are likely putting out well less than 75% of PAR and the K value is likely shifted as well; if algae becomes an issue this is the first thing I would suspect.

Also the stone chips could easily be limestone which is used a lot as a base material for concrete and asphalt roads; do a vinegar test prior to putting them into your tank.
Yeah the light bulbs are old, but because of my tight budget, unless it causes noticeable trouble, it should be okay.

Good call on it being limestone! Sure enough it reacted to the acid test, but I think it should be fine since only a little bit is in there. The larger rocks you see are safe and Florida tap water is already pretty alkaline. I am already starting a pH test with some RO water and some unused rocks to see if there are any notable difference in pH after a couple days. The rock to water ratio is pretty even so I should see results fairly soon. Thanks for catching that though!

Originally Posted by Bad Kitty View Post
I thought I would add that Aquatic Arts has a promotion that if you are using an aquarium in a school for education purposes they give you a gift card for a certain amount to their website. I don't personally know the terms and conditions but it maybe something you might want to look into.
Very interesting, though after a quick search it seems that it is limited to educators using their products, which sadly doesn't apply well to me. I could maybe get the teacher sponsoring me to do something about this...

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