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Well, I actually have three pictures for you. I'm no photography expert, though, and it shows. It's not my particular art form. Maybe my picture taking skills will improve slowly as my tank does. Anyway, here they are:

Here's some hairgrass. Look closely and you'll see some little green blurs at the bottom. Those are new leaves. And there's a runner or two in there.

And the marsilea. You can tell what's new growth, it's a little lighter than the rest. And you can tell the silt that was originally in that corner of the tank settled. Sorry for the blurry picture...

Finally, the blyxa. I was worried about it, (read last post) but after just looking at it more closely, I see that actually about four of the clumps have new little stems and bunches of leaves sent up. That was pretty exciting for me, so I took a picture. You can see the melting I was worried about to the right though. Oh, I'm sure all of you experienced aquarists have seen this before, but it was a big deal to me. Take a look again.

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